Peter Hustler

peter hustler

Lawyer, Retired

Nadim Kurji Law Professional Corporation

319 Division Street

Cobourg, ON
K9A 3R4



Peter's was the last class to graduate from Osgoode Hall when it was run by the Law Society of Upper Canada at the corner of University and Queen and before the campus was transferred to York University. The three year program was spent (more or less) equally between attending classes and attending trials involving some of the best litigator and criminal lawyers of the day.

Having made (but not yet communicated) a decision to accept a position with a downtown Toronto law firm specializing in insurance defence litigation, Peter was advised by a classmate practicing in Cobourg (Ronald Mitchell) that there was a local lawyer who was swamped with work and who desperately needed help.

A snap reversal of the original career decision led to a move to Cobourg, partnership and, eventually, offices in Cobourg, Colborne and, at one time, Warkworth. Another reversal of the original career plan led to Peter’s abandonment of thoughts of becoming a litigator and his assumption of the role of solicitor in a small town. His partner, Vitold Targon, was a litigator and they were simply competing for the same business.

Peter retired from the active practice of law in January of 2016 after a long and illustrious career taking care of his clients in Cobourg. He continues to mentor the next generation when necessary and now enjoys an abundance of golf and time with his lovely wife Linda, their children and grandchildren.